December 19, 2021

How to start mining TON with tonuniverse pool on Windows

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Important: We recommend using Windows 10 or 11. We cannot promise stable operation on other versions of the system. A minimum of one discrete
video card from Nvidia or AMD is required to start mining.

🤖 Go to official telegram bot @tonuniversebot and get pool id

GUI Mode:

- Download the archive miningPoolGui-1.0.2-windows.zip

- Unzip and run Ton Universe.exe

- Login using your pool-id and click "On" to start mining

CLI Mode:

You can also control mining on Windows from the command line without a GUI. To do this, download the archive with the latest version of miningPoolCli here:


Аfter downloading, unpack the contents of the archive and open the terminal in the folder from archive. Next, simply run with:

miningPoolCli.exe -pool-id=pool_id_from_bot

More information on using miningPoolCli and source-code can be
found in the github repository: https://github.com/tonuniverse/miningPoolCli