December 7, 2021

How to start mining TON with tonuniverse pool on Ubuntu

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Important: We recommend using Ubuntu 20.04, you can also use version 18.04. We cannot promise stable operation on other versions of the distribution. A minimum of one discrete video card from Nvidia or AMD is required to start mining.

🤖 Go to official telegram bot @tonuniversebot and get pool id

Then, you need to get into the terminal of your system. This can be either remote SSH access or a console in the GUI.

- Install or make sure that all necessary dependencies are installed on your system:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install opencl-headers ocl-icd-libopencl1 ocl-icd-opencl-dev

sudo apt-get install curl

- Download the latest version of the miningPoolCli:

curl -JLO 'releases.tonuniverse.com/miningPoolCli/linux/latest'

- Unpack the archive and go to the directory :

tar xvf miningPoolCli-2.1.7-linux.tar.gz && cd miningPoolCli-2.1.7

The name of the archive and the folder may differ depending on the name of the latest version. You can see the names in the terminal after downloading/unpacking.

- Start mining TON coin with our pool:

./miningPoolCli -pool-id=pool id from bot

The pool client will automatically detect all available discrete video cards and start mining on them. Every few minutes the total hash rate of your system will be displayed in the terminal.

You can track the balance and withdraw TON in the same telegram bot, where you received the pool id.

Running mining as a background process

You may have noticed such a problem that when you close the terminal, the mining process stops. Below we will look at how to avoid this.

- Create the service file:

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/tonuniverse.service

- Insert the following text:

Description=tonuniverse mining pool

ExecStart={path_1}/miningPoolCli -pool-id={pool_id}


Replace {path_1} with path to folder with miningPoolCli and {pool_id} with pool id from our telegram bot, as it was set forth above.

The two lines you have to make changes to might look something like this:

ExecStart=/home/pc/Documents/miningPoolCli-2.1.7/miningPoolCli -pool-id=904f935185ef96c1ab4daf11e5d84b22

- Press ctrl + X and Y to save it.

- Enable and start the service:

sudo systemctl enable tonuniverse.service

sudo systemctl start tonuniverse.service

Now the mining process will be started and will run every time the system starts up.

- You can view the logs in real time using:

sudo journalctl --output cat -f -e -u tonuniverse.service

- To exit the log, press ctrl + C