December 10, 2021

How to start mining TON with tonuniverse pool on Hive OS rig

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🤖 Go to official telegram bot @tonuniversebot and get pool id

Create wallet with your pool id:

Wallets -> Add Wallet ->

  • Coin: tonuniverse
  • Address: your pool id from bot
  • Name: simple_wallet

Create Flight Sheet:

Flight Sheets -> Add Flight Sheet:

  • Coin: tonuniverse
  • Wallet: simple_wallet
  • Pool: Configure in miner
  • Miner: Custom
  • -> Setup Miner Config:
  • Install Url: go to releases, copy the link of linux file from Latest release
  • Hash algorithm: sha256
  • Wallet and worker template: %WAL%
  • Pool URL: null

🚀 Then save all changes and run your rigs with new Flight Sheet!

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